Desktop Google Reader is dead – Meneré to replace it!

While finishing the code of my new Open Source library with Feedly retrieval I made a hard but I think in the end good decision: Desktop Google Reader is dead! 🙁

But don’t worry as it is getting a better successor which is called Meneré. In fact Meneré is already available for download at featuring Fever support and will get Feedly as soon as the API gets public.

While Meneré will be paid software (5.99 EUR) I will add all features Desktop Google Reader has today (like unread items, Snarl notifications, sending to various services and so on) to the free version – I promissed you get a new client and you’ll get it – and as promissed for free!

The auto update of Desktop Google Reader will then point to Meneré – please don’t feel stressed to pay for Meneré – just do so if you like to support me (or if you you want one of the new features).

That said as long as Meneré is lower than version 1.0 (current state: 0.6) all features are available in the free version (to be honest: there is no code for license handling available).

Desktop Google Reader is here and will stay Open Source as well as the new library I am writing for Feedly (and other RSS services) at – so if anyoine would like to pick up I would offer quite some help.

Background: The API of Feedly is more modern (and nice) than the one of Google Reader and in fact to make it right it would have been a rewrite of 80% of the code – code being four years old from a time when I started doing Desktop development…