1. Get and install Pidgin at
  2. Get and install Snarl at
  3. Start Snarl
  4. Stop Pidgin if running
  5. Execute the setup you downloaded. If you have a portable version of Snarl installed and/or encounter problems with the automated installer (and only then) please follow the instructions for a manual installation.
  6. Start Pidgin
  7. Open menu "Tools" -> "Plugins" in Pigin
  8. Search for PidginSnarl and enable it using the checkbox in front of it
  9. Restart Pidgin
  10. have fun
  11. Note: Users installing Pidgin and PidginSnarl on Vista have reported that Pidgin didn't work correctly directly after initial installation until they rebooted their Windows.


    You can choose which notification types shall be displayed.

    Some notifications are disabled by default - so have a look and maybe you find another notification you didn't see before...

    1. After successfull installation right click on the Snarl-trayicon and choose "Settings"
    2. Navigate to tab "Apps"
    3. Choose PidginSnarl
    4. Enable or disable different types of notifications and or change the style or the display time
    5. To get the "New email"-notifications you also need to enable the mail-notification in your account within Pidgin
      • if you use GMail you will get a notification per email showing detailed information
      • if you use MSN / Hotmail / Live or however Microsoft decides to call there service today you get a summarized notification


    See our extra documentation on installing translations and creating your own ones.

    Known limitations

    The alias of your buddy is not displayed on the first message in a new conversation started by your buddy (it's simply not available at this moment...)


    PidginSnarl is open source and licensed under GPL v3


    The sourcecode can be found in our Subversion.

    Additional informations

    Our website can be found at For feedback you can use our UserVoice. You can subscribe to our RSS-Newsfeed and follow us on Twitter.