What is StylesInstaller?

StylesInstaller is a tool to install styles of the notification system Snarl as they can be download from the Snarl homepage.


There is no installation necessary. Just extract the archive and double click the StylesInstaller.exe. StylesInstaller needs the .NET framework 3.5 in order to run

Add a style to Snarl

After having started StylesInstaller you get the following window:


Main window

Now press the button "Choose file" and navigate on your harddisk to the style you downloaded (styleName.zip)


File selection dialog

Some information like the name of the style and (if available) a preview image will be displayed in the main application window. If you finally want to import the style into Snarl please chosse the now enable button "Import style" on the bottom og the window.


Preview / Import now

The installation will now be processed automatically.

If Snarl has been running during the installation during the installation you need to reload the styles within Snarl by opening the Snarl settings


Opening Snarl settings

and choosing "Reload styles" at the "Advanced" tab.


Reloading styles in Snarl


StylesInstaller is open source and licensed under GPL v3


The sourcecode (provided as a Visual Studio 2008 project can be found in our Subversion.

Additional informations

Our website can be found at http://tlhan-ghun.de/. For feedback you can use our UserVoice. You can subscribe to our RSS-Newsfeed and follow us on Twitter.