What's going on, last.fm, Firefox, Outlook, …

As you might have noticed the updates to the homepage have decreased over the last week. Main reason is a quite time consuming task I have (and love) to finish in “real world” in the moment so that until second half of September I do not have much time for coding.

That said from time to time I find some minutes to make small changes or new ideas – so here what will be available soon.

  • last.fm snarls: the library I used to connect to the last.fm API seems to have some clues since quite some time so the notifications of the current song don’t work anymore. I already exchanged the external library with an own connector to last.fm and changed some more small glitches. Will change the communication with Snarl too (let it be a Snarl app) before I gonna release this all new version. If you want the notifications working for now see http://dl.dropbox.com/u/982128/Tlhan%20Ghun/LastFM/Setup-LastFmSnarls-2.0pre2.exe to get an early preview which is still a standalone app
  • FireSnarl: Firefox 4.0 is in the works and FireSnarl stopped working due to changes they did between Beta 1 (where it did work) and the newer beta releases. I will get it back to work when 4.0 leaves the beta stage as I then can be sure they won’t change the API anymore
  • Outlook: I am forced now to use Outlook at work (OK, it’s better than Lotus Notes…) so I started to create an addin for Outlook to get notifications using Snarl. As said my time is limited but a first working version can be found in the Snarl discussions at http://groups.google.com/group/snarl-discuss/browse_thread/thread/33b86950ec5a105
  • Homepage: After the switch still not everything is finished (e.g. the download links are hard to see at the bottom and the documentations (if available) are not linked anymore in the moment. This will be quite time consuming so please be patient… Even the flattr button is not up anymore in the moment
  • digiTweet Snarl edition: As many other clients also digiTweet broke with the recent change in Twitter API access (now only OAuth – which I hate…). I don’t think I will build another update as changing to OAuth would be quite some big change which I don’t wanna invest that much time for a client not done by me whose code is hard to read for me…
    • That said I am currently desperately missing the perfect Twitter client for me on Windows at all and have some plans and ideas to build an own from scratch with a new concept I didn’t see at any client on Windows until now which would be perfect for me. Did I mention the missing time…? đŸ˜‰