Are you having the problem of sharing files with friends or colleagues (e.g. you are at customers site and need the newest patch as soon as possible)? Sending e-mails is not a very nice way and often firewalls, virus filters or something similar stops the files from coming to you. Many times you just you private e-mail addresses or open a FTP-server (hoping that the receiver is able to work with such things…).

I personally had such problems all the time since I’m working in the software industry and being tired of this I decided to modify an old script of mine just to get one file from the developers at our headquarter.

Afterwards I decided to clean up the code, make it configurable, nicer (theme support) and open to everyone. Now it is called SiFiEx (Simple File Exchange) and if you have a webserver with PHP4 or PHP5 you can use it right now (no database needed, no problems with safe_mode=ON…)

Go and get it here