Snarl command line tools

You may want to create a basic integration with Snarl or you do have some command lines script which would be great to have some Snarl support within them? To make such things easier (and in memory how my own first steps with Snarl have been (*)) I created two command line tools giving you the power of the Snarl API in your hands without needing to do real programming at all.

I have created two as Snarl has several APIs which you can use to send notifications. The first tool is command line tool which speaks the main API which is based on local window messages (“good” old Win32 style) and this one is able do nearly everything with Snarl what is available (including registering an app an various alert classes).

The second one instead uses the network API and can be used to access Snarl from separate machines – maybe you have a server running and what to get a notification if a backup finishes / fails…

* my very first tool I made for Snarl was FireSnarl by using the at this time available command line tool – there is even my first forum entry left (at least for May 2010).