Snarl_CMD.exe is a small command line utility to display notifications using Snarl. It’s designed to be used from external scripts or plugins and you can embed it into your application if you want. I just would be interested to know where it is used so I would be happy if you could send me an email or add a comment to this page if you do so 🙂
It takes the following argumenents:

Snarl_CMD.exe snShowMessage TIME TITLE BODY [iconPATH]


  • TIME is the time the message should be displayed in seconds (0 means forever/sticky),
  • TITLE and BODY are the texts which should be displayed and
  • iconPath is the windows path (“C:\my\path\img.png” or “\\server\path\on\server\img.png”) for an icon to be displayed in the notifcation.

> Snarl_CMD.exe snShowMessage 10 "Hello" "World"
> Snarl_CMD.exe snShowMessage 10 "With an" "icon" "C:\my\path\myImg.png"

Since version 0.2 there are some more advanced features included. You now can register with Snarl and define alert classes – see the included README.txt in the archive