Renym, Quarter Berth or my daily Twitter usage

Since this year my main working PC is once again a Windows machine so while not posting any news here I did some small developments for myself the last weeks.

The fist one is what I call Renym which is the REbirth of NYMphicus. I have learned by pain that the Views-concept in Nymphicus works extremely well for me and some other power users but the added complexity made the usage to complicated and had some technical drawbacks (like I always struggled to define what is my last read state in a mixed View). So as I already had the full technical stack in the background (including for example live updates due to streaming interface or multi account setups) I did for me “just” a new downsized traditional user interface which looks very similar to other lightweight clients (even so not really found often on Windows). So this is how it currently looks like:

Next to this I added quite some updates in the background which have been introduced since my last Nymphicus release – most important the option to display quoted retweet (see screenshot above) as well as creating quoted retweets.

Next to this I have created a very lightweight tool to create tweets on the fly. It is the idea of Spinnaker (which itself has been heavily inspired by Sail on the Mac). It just lives in the system tray and registers a global keyboard shortcut which opens the compose window right away:

Having said this everything you see is working and is in daily usage by myself. I am thinking about if or if not I should add the still needed extra polish to publish them (as Open Source btw.) so if anyone out there says he likes what he sees in this post: let me know and the chances I’ll create public releases will sky rocket… đŸ™‚

Oh, and I have planned at least to other blog posts here about tools I am working on for myself but which might be interesting for more people than just me.

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